New Globadelic cocktail on Mixcloud || Stirred not shaken || Psychedelic Downtempo mix || Hope you all enjoy ||

Hereby my latest mix, with some of the best psychedelic chillout tracks I’ve been listening to recently. I owe a huge THANK YOU to all the artists present. My contribution has been nothing more than blending their great music into a cocktail I like – stirred not shaken.
I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did.

1. Mikrokristal: Starry
2. Consciosness Federation: Causes & Effects
3. Asura: An Talamh
4. Connect.Ohm: Mol
5. Sounds from the Ground: The Long Curve
6. Kalpataru Tree: Sophia
7. Flooting Grooves: Towards the Light
8. Hibernation: Knowledge and Spirit
9. Ooze: Meeting With Strange Species (Karl-Axel Bissler Not Too Loud Remix)
10. Don Peyote: Nebolous Fungus
11. JP Illusion: The Dream of the Day
12. Radioactive Sandwich: Immortals made of Stone
13. Hibernation: Wabi Sabi
14. Akshan: Aborigen’s Dream
15. Upavas: Feel It
16. Changes
17. Zymosis: Path of Nocturnal
18. In-R-Voice: Cities of Light
19. Erofex: Garden of Dreams