This continuous mix features some of my favourite chillout tunes of 2011, 18 tracks in just under 2 hours (tracklist below). As you can hear I’m not that much into beatless ambient variants, so this set comes with rhythm and dynamics. Hope you like it.

Lauge & Baba Gnohm: Hypnose
Field Rotation: Gedanken Wie Diese
Tara Putra: Mashala Dub
Laya Project: A New Day (Chris Zippel’s Genuine Remix)
Shantifax: Out is In
Lab’s Cloud: Dani’s Guitar
Chronos: Optimistic Future (dedicated to Bob Moog)
Ott: One Day I Wish to Have This Kind of Time
Hello Mellow: Yggdrasil
Illuminus: Dem Cowboys
Globular: Nahajai
Mental Extensions: Nothing is Solid
Radioactive Sandwich: Goat Herder
Easily Embarrassed: The Coin Spinner
Hinkstep: Sunrise From the Treetops
Abakus: Beyond the Fields
Asura: Regenesis
Koan: Circe’s Touch (Asura Remix)